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Custom Ceramic Decals


Art Decal has been providing quality waterslide onglaze, inglaze, and glass decals for the decorator market for over 60 years. We are a small to medium run custom decal manufacturer. We can produce single and multi-color decals made to order. We stock a wide range of colors including precious metals to meet your needs.


Waterslide decals can be fired onto stoneware, bone china, porcelain, and glass. The shape of the object to be decorated dictates the size and placement of the decal. An advantage the decal has over direct printing is that the decal's covercoat is flexible and can be stretched to better fit the product.


Whether you have questions on designing or firing your decals, Art Decal has a friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to help you with all of your decaling needs. Art Decal has a full-service art department to create working art from logos, drawings, and photographs. We work with you to create the best reproduction possible to suit your needs.


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